4 Benefits That Come With Enrolling Your Child In An After-School Program

Posted on: 1 August 2017

With school just around the corner, you need to decide what your child is going to do after school. Play time after school is really important, which is why you may want to consider signing your child up for some after-school programs.

#1 Staying Physically Active

Most after-school programs are built around the idea of physical fitness and activity. Enrolling in an after-school program will provide your child with a specific way to engage in physical activities and get in the daily exercise that they need. Too often, recess is cut out or reduced during school hours.

#2 Learn To Value Health

Not only will your child get a chance to be active, they will also learn to value healthy habits such as working out. Many after-school programs, such as tai-chi classes or soccer classes, also work to explain to your child how physical activity is beneficial to them.

They will educate your child on the importance of exercise and often the importance of nutrition as well. Hearing this message from someone other than their parents can be really impactful for children.

#3 Leadership Skills

In many after-school programs, children learn valuable leadership skills. After-school programs are designed to provide children with opportunities to assist and lead. For example, your child may be asked to help the teachers of the program set up activities. Or they may be asked to help students younger than them with a particular activity or skill. Or they may be asked to set-up and run certain activities. All of these seemingly little things are actually child-sized leadership opportunities that will help your child grow and develop. These are the types of opportunities that will provide your child with confidence in themselves and will help teach them how to work with others.

#4 Curb Behavioral Issues

Oftentimes, acting out in the classroom and at school can happen as a result of a lack of positive relationships and connections in a child's life. Children yearn to connect with other people. Structured play, offered through after-school programs, can help your child positive connect with others. This can help with behavioral issues.

Additionally, most after-school programs work on teaching children about certain core-values, such as leadership, respect or mindfulness, that can help children better manage their emotions and behaviors.

After-school programs are not just about keeping your child entertained until you are able to pick them up from school. They are also a great way for your child to stay healthy and active while learning important leadership skills and values.