The Preschool Advantage: Help Your Child Learn and Grow

Posted on: 8 August 2017

Are you thinking about sending your toddler to preschool? You may want your child to have new experiences while you get back to work or you may want to have a few extra hours to get some household chores done while your child has a good time with other kids his or her own age. No matter what you decide to do, there are some things you should know ahead of time.

The Benefits of Preschool: Is It Good for Children?

Even though the thought of not spending all your time with your little one may be frightening, you might feel like it is a good time to send your child to preschool so that he or she can learn how to socialize, interact with other children and share. There are many benefits associated with sending children to preschool. In most cases, the children learn how to properly behave in a school environment, which prepares them for kindergarten.

Although preschool is optional, your child could learn so many new and wonderful things. Aside from what he or she is learning at home, the staff members at the preschool may focus on teaching children different things, such as their shapes, letters, and colors. The children may get plenty of time to sit down with other kids while listening to the teachers read stories. Most importantly, imaginative play is often encouraged in this kind of environment. If you want your child to have a positive influence early in life, sending him or her to preschool is a great decision. 

Selecting the Right School: What to Look for Before Enrolling Your Child

If you perform a search on different preschools in your area, you may be able to find quite a few different options. While there may be plenty of options available, choosing the right place to send your child is crucial. The goal is to ensure that you are selecting a school that encourages your child to learn, provides a safe place for him or to play and offers the kinds of things you want your child to have on a daily basis.

Before enrolling your little one, spend some time doing more research on some of the different preschools. Check out their websites and view their social media pages. If they are involved on social media, you may be able to get quick insight on how well they deal with different situations, along with the types of activities they offer to the children. You may even see the staff members interacting directly with the parents via social media to answer questions and quickly address any concerns they may have at that moment.

It helps to have a list of questions prepared for the instructions of these different preschools. If you are not sure what to ask, these are a few questions to consider:

  • What type of curriculum is offered?
  • What types of activities are offered?
  • Will children get time to play outdoors?
  • How many children are in each classroom?
  • Are meals provided?
  • Will the children be able to work at their own pace?

After asking these questions and getting answers from some of the different instructors, you might know which preschool you want to choose for your child. Not all schools are the same, so it helps to have some detailed information about your options before completing the enrollment process.

Attending preschool is a wonderful thing because of the many benefits that come with it. Children have so many opportunities to learn and get to know other kids their age while advancing academically. If you would like to send your little one to a safe place where he or she can learn, play and ultimately discover plenty of new things, preschool may be the best option. Talk to educators at facilities like Sammamish Montessori School to learn more.