3 Things To Look For When Selecting A Daycare

Posted on: 10 March 2018

Finding a daycare to watch over your kid can be a tough decision. You want the best possible care that you can find, but you also want it to be practical for your child to attend the center. Here are some tips for things to look for when selecting a daycare.

1. Drop Off and Pickup Times

Every daycare is going to be different with the hours that they are open. It is common to find daycares that allow you to drop off your child before 9 am and pick them up after 5 pm to work with your job but look into places that give you some flexibility. For example, find out how early you are allowed to drop off your child in case you need to be at work early one day. Find out if they have late hours in case you have a work emergency that runs late. You may have to pay additional for care after the normal cutoff for pickup times, but it is good to know if it is an option.

2. Security

Really consider the type of security that the center uses on a daily basis. Are you able to just walk into the center without anybody greeting you, are the doors locked and require families to enter a keycode, or are people required to ring a doorbell and be buzzed into the building? Pick a center that has a level of security that you are comfortable with.

In addition, find out how the pickup procedure works for who is allowed to pick up your child. A good daycare will require that any authorized individual, even a grandparent, is approved to pick up a child before the day that it is needed. This may include submitting a form with a copy of their photo ID to guarantee the identity of who is picking up your child.

3. Cameras

Some daycares are even allowing you to drop in on your child through security cameras. It can give you some much-needed peace of mind, especially during those first few weeks, that your child is doing fine while they are away from home. You can see them eat, play, and nap to make sure they are doing fine.

These are just a few things you should look for when selecting a daycare for your child. To learn more, start by visiting a local child care center facility to check it out in person with your child.